Rick Otton Property Financing – Buy a Home Without Bank Loan

Is this your first time to hear about Rick Otton property financing?  If yes, then let this article explain to you the basics about this type of real estate buying and selling.

Rick Otton Property Financing – Buy a Home Without Bank Loan
Rick Otton Property Financing – Buy a Home Without Bank Loan

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Perhaps you may have seen Rick Otton featured in popular tv shows such as Today Tonight, SBS, ABC Reality Bites, Hot Property and A Current Affair. Ten years ago, Rick was just an ordinary guy in Sydney who came up with a brilliant idea.
Today, he is a reputable real estate investor who has made hundreds of house sales in Australia alone, and is starting to make his way in the US. If you want to invest in a business that does not require a huge amount of capital and involves less risk, Rick Otton property financing is worth exploring.
Vendor financing is a recognized concept in business and can be integrated with Real Estate properties. Let’s say for instance that you need to buy a house. Because it requires a large sum of money, you’ll need to seek out a mortgage loan from a bank. However, banks do not easily give home financing unless you have an impressive credit standing. 
Can you still buy a house if you do not get your bank loan approved? The good news is yes you can, by means of vendor financing. Through this arrangement, the property owner will allow you to rent the house and pay on a monthly basis with the option to completely own the house after a specified period.
That means the home buyer doesn’t need to apply for a bank loan to buy a house. The seller may ask for a considerable sum of cash after 90 days or half-way through the rental period. The buyer’s options are very flexible depending on the arrangement with the seller.
 For people who have a problem with their credit, vendor financing is truly a great opportunity. First of all, it eliminates obstacles in your way which could be preventing you from owning your home. Second, a rent-to-own arrangement is not burdensome to the budget because payments are made in small instalments.
If you are interested to know more about Rick Otton property financing , click here. The website offers free live chat support for home buyers and free access to an exclusive 30-minute video presenting the truth behind bank loans.