Rick Otton Boot Camp – Train Yourself to Be a Successful Seller Financer

If you want to become a successful seller financer, then you should definitely attend the Rick Otton Boot Camp. What exactly is it and why should you be interested?

Rick Ottonis a well-known and respected guru in the world of real estate business. He was the one who originally came up with the idea of property investing without acquiring a bank loan. 

Rick Otton Boot Camp – Train Yourself to Be a Successful Seller Financer
Rick Otton Boot Camp – Train Yourself to Be a Successful Seller Financer

And because a lot of people find it difficult to get approved for a bank loan, many of them are interested to learn how to make an investment the Rick Otton way.

Some people may think that it is impossible to buy a home on your own. However, you will actually be surprised to learn that many property sellers are willing to negotiate their terms as long as you give them their asking price without trying to cut it down. For example, let’s say that a house that is on sale at $200,000. Now, that house can be yours without the need to apply for a $200,000 worth of bank loan. How so, you may ask?

You can make an arrangement with the seller to allow you to continue the existing mortgage payments instead and pay the remaining balance direct to the seller. And since you are not negotiating for a lower price, the seller is most likely to grab your offer and both of you wins with the arrangement.

Based on the above example, it is possible to strike a deal with a house seller or a real estate agent if you know the right strategy. The Rick Otton Boot Camp teaches an aspiring seller financer how to negotiate a good deal without getting turned down by a seller. Yes, even without qualifying for a bank loan, you can train yourself to become a professional in seller financing.

To succeed in the real estate business, you will need real training from the Rick Otton Boot Camp starting from the basic facts that you need to know about home selling such as how to spot a good property investment and the things that you should never do to avoid losses. For more information on seller financing business, check out Rick Otton Boot Camp Site and find out how you can buy your next property without a bank loan. The website also offers free access to a 30-minute video that reveals the truth behind the process of applying for a bank loan.

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